Director: Kent Nicholson

Sound Design: Kelsi Halverson

Scenic Design: Luis Mondragon

Lighting Design: Martha Carter

Costume Design: Rebecca Clayton

Assistant Sound Design: Benjamin Scheff

Mixer: Andrea 'Slim' Allmond

Stage Manager: Amber Julian

Photo Credit: Paul Kennedy

Passion, by Stephen Sondheim, revolves around an Italian soldier, Giorgio, being relocated away from his beautiful mistress, Clara. Upon arrival in his new barracks, he meets and falls in love with Fosca, an unfortunate girl suffering form depression and anxiety. Love and death ensue.

We presented Passion as a concert musical, meaning there would be minimal scenic elements and the 15-piece orchestra would be on stage. Our biggest challenge was getting the appropriate mix between amplified vocals, and acoustic and amplified orchestra. Our initial goal was to have the show lightly reinforced, with a natural quality. However, with the pit on stage, including a large kit and percussion area, that aesthetic went out the window; There was no way to get a lightly amplified vocal over the monstrous orchestra. Adapt and overcome became the motto as we worked to keep the integrity of the show by implementing a vast dynamic range.

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