NICKEL MINES* (World Premiere)

Director: Andrew Palermo

Sound Design: Brian Svoboda

Scenic Design: Eric Barker

Lighting Design: Brady Jay King

Costume Design: Sera Bourgeau

Assistant Sound Design: Kelsi Halverson

Mixer: Matthew Eckstein

Stage Manager: Penn Ross Jackson Jr.

Photo Credit: Paul Kennedy

Conceived by faculty choreographer Andrew Palermo (Allegiance, B'way), Nickel Mines follows the aftermath of a school shooting in an Amish community. The musical was staged alley-style on the stage of UCI's proscenium stage. The cast moved about the audience, and behind them as well. This proved to be an interesting sourcing challenge that sound designer Brian Svoboda tackled using Meyer Sound's DMITRI. We divided the stage into 'delay zones'. As the assistant, I was in charge of tracking the delay zone changes and relaying them mixer Matt Eckstein, so he could program them into the DigiCo SD9. 

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