Director: Don Hill

Sound Design: Kelsi Halverson

Scenic Design: Morgan Lindsey Price

Lighting Design: Martha Carter

Costume Design: Danielle Nieves

Associate Sound Design: Benjamin Scheff

Assistant Sound Design: Jordan Tani

Mixer: Garrett Hood

Stage Manager: Amber Julian

Photo Credit: Paul Kennedy

Man of La Mancha follows Don Miguel de Cervantes and his manservant as they await their trial in a prison vault during the Spanish Inquisition. To pass the time, and keep from getting harassed and robbed, they perform a play written by Cervantes. Before the audiences' eyes, we see the duo transform into the adventurers Don Quixote and Sancho. 

The collective vision for the show was to keep it dark and not so “musical theatre”. Our buzz phrase was “not your grandma’s Man of La Mancha”. The costumes and props would come from the world of the prison and not be paraded on awkwardly from the wings. There would be no flashy musical numbers or distracting dance breaks. Sound-wise, we would have a stark difference between the feel of the prison and La Mancha. The prison had a constant ambience of dripping water, rodents and drone-y creaks and moans. I hid two speakers behind the back wall of the set that these ambiences played from, as well as a reverb send of the actors on stage, changing the feeling in the room. I also mic’d and augmented the large gate the Inquisitors entered through, enhancing the overpowering class discrepancies. When we enter La Mancha, all ambience goes away and the diegetic sounds are created foley-style by the actors from those found prison props. 

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